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Alex Mayr - Gut gegen Böse

The basic idea for the music video is the mythical “Perchten” figure, who can embody good as well as evil and who appears in the rough nights of winter in the alpine country. The outdoor scenes for "Gut Gegen Böse" were therefore shot in the Alpine foothills. For the indoor shoot, the interdisciplinary design studio “Trigger Bang Bang” developed a set with controllable LED fluorescent tubes.


DOP: Philip Zeller, Florian Fischer
Hair & Make-up: Sutida Vestewig
Light: Trigger Bang Bang
Costume Design: Konrad Henkelüdeke, Alexandra Mayr
Performance: Desirée Themsfeldt
Extras: Desirée Themsfeldt, Moritz Pahl, Sarah Ungan, Konrad Henkelüdeke,
Katharina Willmann, Jessica Mayr, Dominique Mayr, Alexandra Mayr
Music: Janis Liphardt, Alexandra Mayr, Konrad Henkelüdeke, Benjamin Bistram
Music Production: Janis Liphardt, Dennis Kopacz, Alexandra Mayr, Konrad Henkelüdeke
Mix: Dennis Kopacz
Mastering: Markus Wüs
Editing: Florian Fischer
Grading: Nous Film